Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Give One...

Show someone you care this holiday by giving a flying f*ck

I wholeheartedly apologize to the legion of The Catalyst fanboys and girls out there for my lack of postage (no stamps) the past couple of weeks. I'm here for you.

PrObama saluted Fort Hood victims today. R.I.P. to those who lost their lives.

You know what this healthcare debate needs? MORE BILL CLINTON! Yes sir, ole Slick Willie hit the hill today to speak with Senate Dems about giving us folks better healthcare and possibly, growing some balls to stand up to the BS the GOP throws. Actually, I'm hoping that's MOST of what Pres Clinton did was tell them to sack up and stop acting like pansies.

It's been a long time coming (not really, only 5 years) but finally John Muhammad, better known as the DC Sniper, is to be executed today. I, along with all of my peers here at ATF (except for Ally Bea, but we love her just the same...maybe a little less) lived in/around DC at the height the chaos and witnessed the terror first hand. A LOT of my peoples at Howard feared to go anywhere and we were actually advised not to. Being that the were seemingly random BUT in the suburbs gave us a little hope as most of us lived on campus while attending Howard University. After John & Lee were caught, news broke that they actually DID plan on hitting the city, specifically Howard (not a Bison fan I take it) for some inner city terror, so we dodged a bullet, literally. Adios John, can't say we're sad to see you go. I'm sure those 10 victims are waiting to get their licks in on the other side.

On to some music issues, this Beans/50/Jay-Z love triangle will now be taken to new heights. This Friday (11/13) 50 & Beans will release "I Go Off". I'd like to think this is the G-Unit demo that Ras Kass never got.

No words

Wale's Attention Deficit album come out and it seems like the masses actually enjoy it. I've seen a couple nay sayers but for the most part, it's been pretty positive. I haven't listened myself, mostly because I'd rather hear people bickering about who's better for Joe Budden, Tahiry or Somaya, but I'll get to it soon. Honestly, I'm a little salty that Wale gets to represent DC, MD & VA (I'll never use that wack ass acronym) before Kev Brown, Oddissee, Kenn Starr & Critical Acclaim, but whatev.

The Xbox 360's Wireless N adapter finally goes on sale. Still way overpriced.

Google will provide free wi-fi in 47 airports starting today (11/10) until January 15th. Skynet Google is watching.

Microsoft just may announce an Office 2010 public beta at PDC 2009 next week....or warez sites last week.

Release Dates:
Music: Wale - Attention Deficit; DOOM - Unexpected Guest; Melonie Fiona - The Bridge; Bekay - Hunger Pains; Bon Jovi - The Circle; Anthrax - Among The Living; more...
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I'm ghost, check me on twitter @cthecatalyst.

Hot Shit: COD:MW2, still Borderlands on 360, I'm back writing
Not Shit: Comcast

-- The Catalyst aka Ridley Scott Summers

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Your style = display:none

So, if anybody could put The Catalyst and Mrs. Catalyst on a list for whenever we go to colonize the moon, Mars or Venus, I'd be happy. I'm pretty much done with Urantia so living on another planet away from all these nutsos would be a welcome change.

Save the Free Library of Philadelphia!!!

As the great Diggs McCoy wrote yesterday, the interruptions were a plenty over the weekend, so no need for me to reiterate (scroll down ya lazy bum), but there are more details starting with Joe Wilson (R - u fukin kidding me) (c) Jon Steward:

  • The new poster boy for idiocy Joe Wilson (no more respect for him by putting "Rep." in front of his name) will have a resolution introduced and voted on today. In a move that will surprise nobody, House Dems are for it and House Repubs are against it. The GOP is using the argument that even my sperm could have seen coming (no pun intended) which is the Dems are using this as a "distraction away from the healthcare debate". Well, if the GOP actually had something SMART to say about the "debate" instead of accusing Pres. Obama of supporting "death panels" then maybe there wouldn't be so much time to do stuff like this?

  • Serena has been fined $10k (the maximum amount) along with an extra $500 for racket abuse (what!?!?!) and that may not be it. My opinion is that they are going a little too hard on Serena, but at the same time these people have never seen the Compton come out of her before, so this just may be their way of saying, "we are terrified of her."

  • Kanye appeared on Jay Leno to perform "Run This Town" with Jay-Z, but due to Sunday nights events, he had a small sit down with Leno to preface the performance. He basically apologized again but the shocker came when Leno actually had the huge cojones to ask, "What would your mother have thought about that?" The question hit 'Ye in the chest so hard his shoulders touched (c) Canibus and he appeared to tear up for a second. My problem is, why are people surprised that a question about 'Ye's recently deceased mother would make him tear up? Wouldn't you have the same reaction???

Lastly, why in the blue blazes are the Kanye & Serena stories getting way more play than the Joe Wilson story? Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift at an award show that I (nor Diggs) wouldn't have known was going on if it wasn't for Kanye, big whoop. Serena brought her hood side out, so what. Joe Wilson interrupted the PRESIDENT and called him a liar. BIG DEAL. No one has ever interrupted a President, let alone one who's presiding over a joint session of Congress because it's just something you DON'T DO, let alone calling him a liar in the process. The migrane-inducing fact is this disrespect is now OK because it was done to Pres. Obama and not a white former President. I've honestly stopped playing the "imagine if" game these days because it's so abundantly clear what the outcome would be in most cases but: If a Dem interrupted G.W. Bush, they'd have been forced to apologize on national TV, pushed to resign and maybe even blackballed from any important jobs forever.

So in conclusion: Kanye (Black) interrupts Taylor (White) - nationwide outburst, Wilson (White) interrupts PRESIDENT Obama (Black) - 1/3 of the nation loves it and says he spoke for them, 2/3's have some got damn sense and say it was rude and appalling. Got it.

Speaking of ole GWB, the shoe assassin who tried to take him out was released from prison today rockin stunner shades and a missing tooth. The tooth is the interesting part as Muntadhar al-Zaidi claims that he was tortured with electricity and beaten with cables and pipes. No word on if his rectum was sewn shut as he was fed non-stop.

Well, at least one thing we can all agree on is, Football is awesome. Honestly, I can't do it any justice so I'll also leave the alley-oop for Young Chris aka Goldyn Child. He's the Steve Smith of this ATF thing for real. I will say one thing tho. Was anybody surprised that McNabb was injured? He has fractured ribs, but when has McNabb not been injured at least twice a season? With McNabb hurt, Kelvin Kolb will most likely get the start against the Saints this Sunday, but that's not all. Today the Eagles announced they signed Jeff Garcia. Because they don't believe in Kolb? Nope. They simply need 2 eligible QB's on the roster according to NFL rules (Vick's not eligible til Week 3 and McNabb may not make it) so why not go with somebody who knows the system?

Auto aficionados will have some eye candy in 3...2...1....

This, my friends, BMW's Vision EfficientDynamics concept car that's on display at the Frankfurt auto show (READ MORE). The amazing fact about this car is that it is a plug-in full hybrid. It sports a 2 electric motors and one turbodiesel engine. The first elecmotor can deliver 112 hp for up to 30 seconds and up to 139 hp for 10 seconds with 80 hp being the norm. The second elecmotor gives up 33 hp continuously and peaks out at 51 hp. The turbodiesel engine gives out a whooping 163 bhp to give this car a total of 356 bhp. *drools*


This doozy is Mission Motors' Mission One electric motorcycle. Yes I said electric motorcycle. This baby has been shown to have a top speed of 161 mph and a two-pass average of 151 mph. Best of all, this isn't a concept at all. This is the production prototype and will be available sometime next year at the baller price of $70,000 for the first 20 special ed. models.

Now, from man news to
The Xbox 360 will finally see a Wireless-N adapter soon if the FCC has any say. The recently just approved the two-antennae add-on and it should be making it's way into stores in the near future. Because you are a nerd you should already know that 802.11n was finally finalized last Saturday (9/12) and is IEEE official.

The third Halo 3: ODST ViDoc titled "Terra Incognita" has been released. This is pretty much focused on development but also shows some gameplay. I'm getting more and more excited the more I see this game. Drop in 9/22/2009 (yes, that's next week kids).

Artificial anti-gravity may be on the way. Scientist successfully levitated a mouse using nothing but a superconducting magnet and the water in the mouse's body. Just start making those damn anti-grav boots and I'll be good.

BTW, the Zune HD dropped today.

Release Dates
Games: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (X360, PS3, Wii, DS); Need For Speed: Shift (X360, PS3, PSP); WET (X360, PS3); NHL '10 (X360, PS3); NHL 2K10 (X360, PS3, Wii); more...
DVDs: X-Men Origins: Wolverine w/ Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Will.I.Am & Ryan Reynolds; Next Day Air w/ Donald Faison, Mos Def & Mike Epps; Easy Virtue w/ Jessica Biel & Ben Barnes; more...
Music: Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon: End Of The Day; Drake - So Far Gone E.P.; M.O.P. - Foundation; Big Pun - The Legacy OST; KRS-One & Buckshot - Survival Skills; N.O.R.E. (of CNN) - S.O.R.E.; Capone (of CNN) - Revenge Is A Promise; Lil Boosie - SuperBad; Nicolay - Shibuya (City Lights Vol. 2); Q-Tip - Kaamal The Abstract; DJ Fresh - The Tonight Show; Nelly Furtado - Mi Plan; All 4 One - No Regrets; more...


Hot Shyt: All this new music, Zune HD, my new radio and alarm system getting installed
Not Shyt: Philly Free Library closing down, Hexmurda being in some sort of emergency, the misappropriation of outrage over interruptions

-- The Catalyst aka @cthecatalyst

And ain't no woman that can take your spot my love...

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Double Trouble

This was not a good weekend to be The Catalyst. I mean sure, my wife is hot, my car is ill and i just refinanced my mortgage to be $200 less...but when some low-life no-class cowards break into your car, rip your radio out (rendering your turn signal and hazard lights inoperable) and take over $600 worth of stuff including my loose change, well that'll sour your day. While i'd love nothing more than to curb-stomp the responsible parties, that's not what you're here for, so lets get into it.

Ready for more PrObama in your primetime programming? No he will not be getting a new CBS sitcom with VP Biden, G.W. Bush & Chaney about living in NY and the hilarious premises they get put into (Chaney's room would have it's own zipcode), quite the contrary. PrObama will be addressing healthcare to a joint session of Congress next Wednesday in hopes of regaining the upper hand in this debate. Reports say PrObama is going to place some Presidential baby powder on his hand and pimp slap the shit out of the US government and public.

The Black Summer has claimed yet another victim. Recent plane crash survivor DJ AM passed away last Friday in his hotel room in New York City. He was found with 8 undigested OxyContin pills in his stomach and another unchewed pill in his mouth. People claim a "Final Destination" death but not quite as authorities are starting to call this suicide. RIP DJ AM but take this as a lesson kids, drugs are bad hmmmmk?

Do you enjoy twitter? Do you like always having an eye on the job market and latest goings-on for job seekers? Well then you might want to check out the top 10 job tweeters you should be following. At least now that time you spend on twitter when you're suppose to be working will help you find a new job when you get fired from this one.

Speaking of jobs, do you use CAPS LOCK in your emails? Well, don't or you could get fired.

I know Young Chris spoke upon The Gamer and Kick Ass but what about MacGruber?! Check out Will Forte and Kristin Wiig in costume. If this movie doesn't end in a warehouse exploding, I'm going to be highly disappointed.

Sticking with film for a second, two quick superhero tidbits:

  • Guy Richtie aka Mr. Madonna is set to direct Lobo. For the uninitiated Lobo is the baddest space motorcycle ridingest mufucka this side of the Milky Way [||]. Warner Bros is the company at the helm and if you just got excited, allow me to sit you down. WB wants the movie to be PG-13........HUH?!?!?! How the Fff do you make a PG-13 Lobo movie? To put this in perspective, image the recently released Inglourous Basterds or The Dark Knight being forced to be PG-13. Yea, Lobo gets it in like that [||]. Smarten up WB (c) Jay-Z.

  • Good news, FOX is going to reboot Fantastic 4. After 2 horrendous movies (minus the Silver Surfer, he was awesome) FOX is looking to cash in on that sweet sweet Disney deal by trying to get back on Marvel's good side. They've hired Akiva Goldsman (Hancock, I Am Legend, Mr & Mrs Smith) to produce and Michael Green (Heroes co-producer, Green Lantern writer) to write the script. Let us hope...

Xbox 360 RROD reports are on the decline. Maybe Microsoft has finally found the right mix of chips that don't cause 360 to spontaneously melt.

Lawrence Krauss suggested yesterday that to get to Mars, we should just make it a 1-way trip. This would reduce the cost & technical requirements of getting there. I suggest we send all GOP members. Shit this country's going to shit according to them, why don't we just give them their own planet? Seems they're there mentally anyway.

Release Dates:
Games: Guitar Hero 5 (X360, PS3, Wii); Section 8 (X360); more...
DVDs: State Of Play w/ Russell Crowe & Ben Affleck; Earth w/ James Earl Jones; more...
Music: nothing important

Oh yea, Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II > Jay-Z - Blueprint 3 by a LONG shot.

Hot Shit: Raekwon - OB4CL2
Not Shit: My car catching it, Slaughterhouse not performing at 930 club

-- The Catalyst aka @cthecatalyst aka Homer Pimpson

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Image Not Found

YOU ARE GOING TO DIE! While that statement is universally true (you will die at some point, not me, Bill Compton is my alternate personality), some people may edge closer if the Pig virus has anything to do with it. According to a report issued by the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Tech (PCAST), more than half of the US may catch the swine flu, aka H1N1, this fall and winter.

I know what you're thinking, avid FOX News watcher, and the answer is yes. Yes, this does seem like scare tactics to help Obama push through health care reform (which is headed nowhere according to Sen. Feingold) but less we forget, we've been blatantly lied to more times than I can count the past 8 years. Which would you choose: lies got us into 2 useless wars and built our deficit to astronomical numbers OR lies that would get A LOT of people insured while driving insurance cost down? Hmmmm, no brainer.

Speaking of the health care debate, did you see Jon Steward ROAST Betsy McCaughey's flimsy arguments and misinformation last week? WATCH HERE!

Lastly on health, good news for everyone who rocks the Professor Farnsworth glasses, scientist have created eye cells from stem cells. Will this disrupt weed for glaucoma treatments? That remains to be seen but hopefully, the stickiest of the icky will be legalized anyway soon.

Confirmed: Mike Vick will make his debut Thursday against the Jacksonville Jaguars making this the first time we see the Monovon VickNabb ((c) Goldyn Child) in action. Coach Reid has said, "Look for him sooner rather than later," and don't expect him in the 4th quarter. How he will be used remains to be seen but expect to see him toss the dog pig-skin at least once.

Getting my sports center on, in Baseball news (as Goldyn Child cringes), NY Met's Johan Santana will be out for the season with Herr's bone chips in his elbow. Another blow to the already expected to fail Mets. How dire is the situation there? Santana (no Carlos) is the 12th Met to join the disabled list. Ouch. (pun intended).

Well, today seems to be a bad day to be a Santana as Juelz Santana was arrested this morning for threatening to kill his baby mom's and domestic violence. Juelz was quoted as yell at her to, "Sit in the car! And don't touch nothin, sit in the car!"

Oh and O'Rly has responded to Jay-Z. Would somebody please rip out this dude's endocrine system please?

C-Murder caught another 10 years. So if he somehow serves his life sentence completely, he'll still have 10 more years to go. Overkill? TRU.

I do love it when my two loves hip-hop and video games unite. It's either REALLY bad (Wu-Tang Shaolin anyone?), REALLY good (DJ Hero & Scratch) or just hilarious (50 Cent's Blood On The Sand), but check this out: Pacific Division (aka PacDiv) dropped their flash game Church League Champions: The Game today. Play as Mibbs, Like or BeYoung and try to hit as many 3's or free throws as possible. Nice.

Check out this pack of web programming car stickers for when you just have to let people know how much of a geek you are. Shout out to .NET tho, that's my jammie.

If you haven't watched the two Halo: ODST ViDocs yet, you are definitely playin yaself (c) Jeru. Check out Desperate Measures and Bip. Bap. Bam. NOW! If those two don't get you pumped you are probably a jock with a stupid face who dates the best looking cheerleader who I tried to get with and couldn't because I didn't have a car and didn't have money and wasn't popular and was nervous because she was so pretty that I almost fainted; But if they do get you pumped, pre-order H:ODST at Amazon to receive a $5 mp3 credit, $15 towards a future video game purchase and an unlock code to play Sgt. Johnson [||] in Firefight mode.

Just as quickly The Pirate Bay disappeared, it reappeared and ready to fight. Avast TPB! Man the cannons, raise the flag and prepare to swashbuckle until we can't swashbuckle no more!

Release Dates:
Games: Batman: Arkham Asylum (X360, PS3); Metroid: Trilogy (Wii); Professor Layton & The Diabolical Box (DS); Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP); Warriors Orochi 2 (PSP); NBA 2k10: Draft Combine (XBLA); Cursed Mountain (Wii); see more... <---- awesome week for us gamers
Music: Arctic Monkeys - Humbug; LeToya - Lady Love; Lil Wyte - The Bad Influence; Queen Latifah - Persona; Matisyahu - Light; see more...
DVDs: Duplicity w/ Clive Owen & Julia Roberts; Fighting w/ Channing Tatum & Terrance Howard; Adventureland w/ Jesse Eisenburg & Kristen Stewart; Sunshine Cleaning w/ Amy Adams & Emily Blunt; see more...

If there's one thing I really need yous guys to do, it's go see Inglourious Basterds PLEASE.

Follow me @cthecatalyst.

Hot Shit: Inglourious Basterds, VickNabb and football coming back, Batman: AA
Not Shit: Bill O'Rly, the GOP as a whole, Swine Flu, house breaking a puppy

-- The Catalyst aka HeptMurda (I guess only avid hip-hop twitterers will get that)

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Loot & Plunder

Brett Favre is back...again. This time he's re-untiring and officially joining the Vikings. Not only does he get to skirt training camp and some of the pre-season, but he's pretty much guaranteed the starting spot over a better QB (IMO) Tarvaris Jackson AND a guy the Vikings traded for in Sage Rosenfels. Wack move if you ask me, but I'ma let Chris Carter tell it.

Side note: Madden heads, Vick as an Eagle and Favre as a Viking will be included in 8/19's Madden Roster update for Madden '10.

"Mr President, I can't tell if you're a Jedi who's always 10 steps ahead, or if this health care issue is kicking his ass just a little bit," (c) John Steward (Watch). After a town hall in CO (no Rick Ross) where PrObama stated, "Whether we have the public option or not, is not the entirety of health care reform," Democrats and the left wing in general have been putting on pressure to keep the public option alive.

Slaughterhouse put up 22,255 albums sold in their first week. That's beating Eminem AND it's better than Fab's first week. It's a low number BUT with Fab receiving a single with Jay-Z, a single with The-Dream and a remix to that single AND a major label push, it's not that bad.

[Nerd News]

Lot's of PS3 stuff announced today. The short list:

  • PS3 Slim (34% slimmer) @ $299.99

  • PS3 (phat?) dropping in price to $299.99

  • "Eye Of Judgment" on PSP

  • New PSP-3000 colors

  • PS3 3.00 firmware update

  • PSP Go's registered between Oct. 1 and Oct. 10 will get Gran Turismo PSP for FREE

  • PSHome will be receiving all new features

I'm sure my cohort Young Chris will be able to go into detail tomorrow.
[/Nerd News]

Release Dates:
Games: Wolfenstien (X360, PS3); Raven Squad (X360); Spectrobes: Origins (Wii); Shadow Complex (XBLA)
DVDs: Hannah Montana: The Movie w/ Miley Cyrus; The Last House On The Left w/ Tony Goldwyn; Tyson
Music: K'Naan - The Dusty Foot On The Road; Third Eye Blind - Ursa Major

Gotta cut it short cuz I gotta go see a man about a dog.

Hot Shit: PS3 price cut & PS3 Slim, Zune HD, Siberian Huskies
Not Shit: Brett Favre re-unretiring, Dems backing off of Public Option, idiots carrying semi-autos to PrObama rallies

-- The Catalyst aka Trilly D. Williams

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Slaugust 11th

Ok, let me take a few minutes to stop roasting Ace Hood on twitter (@cthecatalyst for the hilarity) to give yous guys some freshness.

For some reason, people are "scared of Obama" (who's still the only President who still constantly never gets "President" in front of his name) for pushing his healthcare reform. He keeps trying to swat the ignance away but like reality shows or Soulja Boy, it just won't go away. People, we need healthcare reform, get over it.

@cthecatalyst #uknowuacehood when the only people who bought your last album was you and you in a Groucho mask

Tonight there's expected to be an awesome meteor shower. The annual Perseid meteor shower is expected to grace our continent between midnight and 5 am (EST). If the weather permits, you really should take your kids out and show them there's more to this world than TV and games.

@cthecatalyst #uknowuacehood when the only people who bought your last album was you and you in a Groucho mask when you sign up on twitter as "AceHood" but then sign up again as "TheRealAceHood" to get twice the followers

Today was a great day in hip-hop as Slaughterhouse's album finally went on sale. If you are one of those who continue to bash hip-hop saying "its dead", and "there's nothing good", but yet won't buy this album; you need to Final Destination yourself.

@cthecatalyst #uknowuacehood when DJ Khaled has you in his phone as "DO NOT ANSWER"

Some crazy lady decided to throw a mug at Mona Lisa, Leonardo Di Vinci's (of Di Vinci Code fame) master piece. Turns out she was literally out of her mind as she was placed in a French psychiatric unit.

@cthecatalyst #uknowuacehood when you make a FML about this trending topic and everybody votes "you totally deserved it"

Apparently Kid Cudi was nominated for a Teen Choice award. I will not juxtapose that with a "I Poke Her Face" joke...

@cthecatalyst #uknowuacehood when iTunes list "wrist slitting knives" and "poisoned kool aid" as things "Listeners Also Bought"

The new Xbox 360 dashboard update is now live. As a reminder, you'll be receiving better Netflix functionality, Games On Demand, Avatar rewards and more. Download now.

Keeping on Microsoft, Amazon let loose info Zune HD pricing. A 16 GB player will cost you $219.99 and a 32 GB model of sexiness will run you $289.99, which is $10 less than the current 16 GB iPod Touch. Ouch. It's rumored to be hitting the streets on September 8th. I'd cop if I didn't need a ridiculous amount of hard drive space (currently under 100 mb on my 80 gb iPod Classic).

Feast your eyes on what is sure to be my next PDA, the AT&T Tilt 2 bka HTC Touch Pro2 (aka HTC Rhodium). It's just a matter of time. Of course the TP2 runs Windows Mobile so I guess that's also MFST related.

Ending my Microsoft nerd news love fest, it seems tomorrow (8/12) Microsoft and Nokia will announce an alliance. UUWWWWHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? (c) Chris Griffin. Well the latest leaked news is that Microsoft is only working on a version of Mobile Office for Nokia phones. zzzzzz

Release Dates:
Games: Madden NFL '10 (X360, PS3, Wii, PSP); Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (PSN)
DVDs: I Love You Man w/ Paul Rudd, Jason Segel and Rashida Jones (who may just become my mistress); 17 Again w/ Zac Effron & Matthew Perry
Music: Slaughterhouse - Slaughterhouse (GO BUY THIS NOW!); Joe Budden - Escape Route (Digital Only); Jessie James - Jessie James;

It's late but I still got it in [||]. Check me out on twitter @cthecatalyst.

Hot Shit: Slaughterhouse in stores now, my new tattoo, President Obama
Not Shit: Ignorant people who love to stay ignorant. We need to start a "Leave The Country" campaign for these people who don't like Pres. Obama.

-- The Catalyst aka Terrell Owen Hart

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