Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Give One...

Show someone you care this holiday by giving a flying f*ck

I wholeheartedly apologize to the legion of The Catalyst fanboys and girls out there for my lack of postage (no stamps) the past couple of weeks. I'm here for you.

PrObama saluted Fort Hood victims today. R.I.P. to those who lost their lives.

You know what this healthcare debate needs? MORE BILL CLINTON! Yes sir, ole Slick Willie hit the hill today to speak with Senate Dems about giving us folks better healthcare and possibly, growing some balls to stand up to the BS the GOP throws. Actually, I'm hoping that's MOST of what Pres Clinton did was tell them to sack up and stop acting like pansies.

It's been a long time coming (not really, only 5 years) but finally John Muhammad, better known as the DC Sniper, is to be executed today. I, along with all of my peers here at ATF (except for Ally Bea, but we love her just the same...maybe a little less) lived in/around DC at the height the chaos and witnessed the terror first hand. A LOT of my peoples at Howard feared to go anywhere and we were actually advised not to. Being that the were seemingly random BUT in the suburbs gave us a little hope as most of us lived on campus while attending Howard University. After John & Lee were caught, news broke that they actually DID plan on hitting the city, specifically Howard (not a Bison fan I take it) for some inner city terror, so we dodged a bullet, literally. Adios John, can't say we're sad to see you go. I'm sure those 10 victims are waiting to get their licks in on the other side.

On to some music issues, this Beans/50/Jay-Z love triangle will now be taken to new heights. This Friday (11/13) 50 & Beans will release "I Go Off". I'd like to think this is the G-Unit demo that Ras Kass never got.

No words

Wale's Attention Deficit album come out and it seems like the masses actually enjoy it. I've seen a couple nay sayers but for the most part, it's been pretty positive. I haven't listened myself, mostly because I'd rather hear people bickering about who's better for Joe Budden, Tahiry or Somaya, but I'll get to it soon. Honestly, I'm a little salty that Wale gets to represent DC, MD & VA (I'll never use that wack ass acronym) before Kev Brown, Oddissee, Kenn Starr & Critical Acclaim, but whatev.

The Xbox 360's Wireless N adapter finally goes on sale. Still way overpriced.

Google will provide free wi-fi in 47 airports starting today (11/10) until January 15th. Skynet Google is watching.

Microsoft just may announce an Office 2010 public beta at PDC 2009 next week....or warez sites last week.

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