Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Give One...

Show someone you care this holiday by giving a flying f*ck

I wholeheartedly apologize to the legion of The Catalyst fanboys and girls out there for my lack of postage (no stamps) the past couple of weeks. I'm here for you.

PrObama saluted Fort Hood victims today. R.I.P. to those who lost their lives.

You know what this healthcare debate needs? MORE BILL CLINTON! Yes sir, ole Slick Willie hit the hill today to speak with Senate Dems about giving us folks better healthcare and possibly, growing some balls to stand up to the BS the GOP throws. Actually, I'm hoping that's MOST of what Pres Clinton did was tell them to sack up and stop acting like pansies.

It's been a long time coming (not really, only 5 years) but finally John Muhammad, better known as the DC Sniper, is to be executed today. I, along with all of my peers here at ATF (except for Ally Bea, but we love her just the same...maybe a little less) lived in/around DC at the height the chaos and witnessed the terror first hand. A LOT of my peoples at Howard feared to go anywhere and we were actually advised not to. Being that the were seemingly random BUT in the suburbs gave us a little hope as most of us lived on campus while attending Howard University. After John & Lee were caught, news broke that they actually DID plan on hitting the city, specifically Howard (not a Bison fan I take it) for some inner city terror, so we dodged a bullet, literally. Adios John, can't say we're sad to see you go. I'm sure those 10 victims are waiting to get their licks in on the other side.

On to some music issues, this Beans/50/Jay-Z love triangle will now be taken to new heights. This Friday (11/13) 50 & Beans will release "I Go Off". I'd like to think this is the G-Unit demo that Ras Kass never got.

No words

Wale's Attention Deficit album come out and it seems like the masses actually enjoy it. I've seen a couple nay sayers but for the most part, it's been pretty positive. I haven't listened myself, mostly because I'd rather hear people bickering about who's better for Joe Budden, Tahiry or Somaya, but I'll get to it soon. Honestly, I'm a little salty that Wale gets to represent DC, MD & VA (I'll never use that wack ass acronym) before Kev Brown, Oddissee, Kenn Starr & Critical Acclaim, but whatev.

The Xbox 360's Wireless N adapter finally goes on sale. Still way overpriced.

Google will provide free wi-fi in 47 airports starting today (11/10) until January 15th. Skynet Google is watching.

Microsoft just may announce an Office 2010 public beta at PDC 2009 next week....or warez sites last week.

Release Dates:
Music: Wale - Attention Deficit; DOOM - Unexpected Guest; Melonie Fiona - The Bridge; Bekay - Hunger Pains; Bon Jovi - The Circle; Anthrax - Among The Living; more...
DVDs: Up w/ Ed Asner; The Ugly Truth w/ Gerard Butler, Katherine Heigl; Kim Kardashian: Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt w/ Kim Kardashian; more...
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I'm ghost, check me on twitter @cthecatalyst.

Hot Shit: COD:MW2, still Borderlands on 360, I'm back writing
Not Shit: Comcast

-- The Catalyst aka Ridley Scott Summers

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Your style = display:none

So, if anybody could put The Catalyst and Mrs. Catalyst on a list for whenever we go to colonize the moon, Mars or Venus, I'd be happy. I'm pretty much done with Urantia so living on another planet away from all these nutsos would be a welcome change.

Save the Free Library of Philadelphia!!!

As the great Diggs McCoy wrote yesterday, the interruptions were a plenty over the weekend, so no need for me to reiterate (scroll down ya lazy bum), but there are more details starting with Joe Wilson (R - u fukin kidding me) (c) Jon Steward:

  • The new poster boy for idiocy Joe Wilson (no more respect for him by putting "Rep." in front of his name) will have a resolution introduced and voted on today. In a move that will surprise nobody, House Dems are for it and House Repubs are against it. The GOP is using the argument that even my sperm could have seen coming (no pun intended) which is the Dems are using this as a "distraction away from the healthcare debate". Well, if the GOP actually had something SMART to say about the "debate" instead of accusing Pres. Obama of supporting "death panels" then maybe there wouldn't be so much time to do stuff like this?

  • Serena has been fined $10k (the maximum amount) along with an extra $500 for racket abuse (what!?!?!) and that may not be it. My opinion is that they are going a little too hard on Serena, but at the same time these people have never seen the Compton come out of her before, so this just may be their way of saying, "we are terrified of her."

  • Kanye appeared on Jay Leno to perform "Run This Town" with Jay-Z, but due to Sunday nights events, he had a small sit down with Leno to preface the performance. He basically apologized again but the shocker came when Leno actually had the huge cojones to ask, "What would your mother have thought about that?" The question hit 'Ye in the chest so hard his shoulders touched (c) Canibus and he appeared to tear up for a second. My problem is, why are people surprised that a question about 'Ye's recently deceased mother would make him tear up? Wouldn't you have the same reaction???

Lastly, why in the blue blazes are the Kanye & Serena stories getting way more play than the Joe Wilson story? Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift at an award show that I (nor Diggs) wouldn't have known was going on if it wasn't for Kanye, big whoop. Serena brought her hood side out, so what. Joe Wilson interrupted the PRESIDENT and called him a liar. BIG DEAL. No one has ever interrupted a President, let alone one who's presiding over a joint session of Congress because it's just something you DON'T DO, let alone calling him a liar in the process. The migrane-inducing fact is this disrespect is now OK because it was done to Pres. Obama and not a white former President. I've honestly stopped playing the "imagine if" game these days because it's so abundantly clear what the outcome would be in most cases but: If a Dem interrupted G.W. Bush, they'd have been forced to apologize on national TV, pushed to resign and maybe even blackballed from any important jobs forever.

So in conclusion: Kanye (Black) interrupts Taylor (White) - nationwide outburst, Wilson (White) interrupts PRESIDENT Obama (Black) - 1/3 of the nation loves it and says he spoke for them, 2/3's have some got damn sense and say it was rude and appalling. Got it.

Speaking of ole GWB, the shoe assassin who tried to take him out was released from prison today rockin stunner shades and a missing tooth. The tooth is the interesting part as Muntadhar al-Zaidi claims that he was tortured with electricity and beaten with cables and pipes. No word on if his rectum was sewn shut as he was fed non-stop.

Well, at least one thing we can all agree on is, Football is awesome. Honestly, I can't do it any justice so I'll also leave the alley-oop for Young Chris aka Goldyn Child. He's the Steve Smith of this ATF thing for real. I will say one thing tho. Was anybody surprised that McNabb was injured? He has fractured ribs, but when has McNabb not been injured at least twice a season? With McNabb hurt, Kelvin Kolb will most likely get the start against the Saints this Sunday, but that's not all. Today the Eagles announced they signed Jeff Garcia. Because they don't believe in Kolb? Nope. They simply need 2 eligible QB's on the roster according to NFL rules (Vick's not eligible til Week 3 and McNabb may not make it) so why not go with somebody who knows the system?

Auto aficionados will have some eye candy in 3...2...1....

This, my friends, BMW's Vision EfficientDynamics concept car that's on display at the Frankfurt auto show (READ MORE). The amazing fact about this car is that it is a plug-in full hybrid. It sports a 2 electric motors and one turbodiesel engine. The first elecmotor can deliver 112 hp for up to 30 seconds and up to 139 hp for 10 seconds with 80 hp being the norm. The second elecmotor gives up 33 hp continuously and peaks out at 51 hp. The turbodiesel engine gives out a whooping 163 bhp to give this car a total of 356 bhp. *drools*


This doozy is Mission Motors' Mission One electric motorcycle. Yes I said electric motorcycle. This baby has been shown to have a top speed of 161 mph and a two-pass average of 151 mph. Best of all, this isn't a concept at all. This is the production prototype and will be available sometime next year at the baller price of $70,000 for the first 20 special ed. models.

Now, from man news to
The Xbox 360 will finally see a Wireless-N adapter soon if the FCC has any say. The recently just approved the two-antennae add-on and it should be making it's way into stores in the near future. Because you are a nerd you should already know that 802.11n was finally finalized last Saturday (9/12) and is IEEE official.

The third Halo 3: ODST ViDoc titled "Terra Incognita" has been released. This is pretty much focused on development but also shows some gameplay. I'm getting more and more excited the more I see this game. Drop in 9/22/2009 (yes, that's next week kids).

Artificial anti-gravity may be on the way. Scientist successfully levitated a mouse using nothing but a superconducting magnet and the water in the mouse's body. Just start making those damn anti-grav boots and I'll be good.

BTW, the Zune HD dropped today.

Release Dates
Games: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (X360, PS3, Wii, DS); Need For Speed: Shift (X360, PS3, PSP); WET (X360, PS3); NHL '10 (X360, PS3); NHL 2K10 (X360, PS3, Wii); more...
DVDs: X-Men Origins: Wolverine w/ Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Will.I.Am & Ryan Reynolds; Next Day Air w/ Donald Faison, Mos Def & Mike Epps; Easy Virtue w/ Jessica Biel & Ben Barnes; more...
Music: Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon: End Of The Day; Drake - So Far Gone E.P.; M.O.P. - Foundation; Big Pun - The Legacy OST; KRS-One & Buckshot - Survival Skills; N.O.R.E. (of CNN) - S.O.R.E.; Capone (of CNN) - Revenge Is A Promise; Lil Boosie - SuperBad; Nicolay - Shibuya (City Lights Vol. 2); Q-Tip - Kaamal The Abstract; DJ Fresh - The Tonight Show; Nelly Furtado - Mi Plan; All 4 One - No Regrets; more...


Hot Shyt: All this new music, Zune HD, my new radio and alarm system getting installed
Not Shyt: Philly Free Library closing down, Hexmurda being in some sort of emergency, the misappropriation of outrage over interruptions

-- The Catalyst aka @cthecatalyst

And ain't no woman that can take your spot my love...

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Double Trouble

This was not a good weekend to be The Catalyst. I mean sure, my wife is hot, my car is ill and i just refinanced my mortgage to be $200 less...but when some low-life no-class cowards break into your car, rip your radio out (rendering your turn signal and hazard lights inoperable) and take over $600 worth of stuff including my loose change, well that'll sour your day. While i'd love nothing more than to curb-stomp the responsible parties, that's not what you're here for, so lets get into it.

Ready for more PrObama in your primetime programming? No he will not be getting a new CBS sitcom with VP Biden, G.W. Bush & Chaney about living in NY and the hilarious premises they get put into (Chaney's room would have it's own zipcode), quite the contrary. PrObama will be addressing healthcare to a joint session of Congress next Wednesday in hopes of regaining the upper hand in this debate. Reports say PrObama is going to place some Presidential baby powder on his hand and pimp slap the shit out of the US government and public.

The Black Summer has claimed yet another victim. Recent plane crash survivor DJ AM passed away last Friday in his hotel room in New York City. He was found with 8 undigested OxyContin pills in his stomach and another unchewed pill in his mouth. People claim a "Final Destination" death but not quite as authorities are starting to call this suicide. RIP DJ AM but take this as a lesson kids, drugs are bad hmmmmk?

Do you enjoy twitter? Do you like always having an eye on the job market and latest goings-on for job seekers? Well then you might want to check out the top 10 job tweeters you should be following. At least now that time you spend on twitter when you're suppose to be working will help you find a new job when you get fired from this one.

Speaking of jobs, do you use CAPS LOCK in your emails? Well, don't or you could get fired.

I know Young Chris spoke upon The Gamer and Kick Ass but what about MacGruber?! Check out Will Forte and Kristin Wiig in costume. If this movie doesn't end in a warehouse exploding, I'm going to be highly disappointed.

Sticking with film for a second, two quick superhero tidbits:

  • Guy Richtie aka Mr. Madonna is set to direct Lobo. For the uninitiated Lobo is the baddest space motorcycle ridingest mufucka this side of the Milky Way [||]. Warner Bros is the company at the helm and if you just got excited, allow me to sit you down. WB wants the movie to be PG-13........HUH?!?!?! How the Fff do you make a PG-13 Lobo movie? To put this in perspective, image the recently released Inglourous Basterds or The Dark Knight being forced to be PG-13. Yea, Lobo gets it in like that [||]. Smarten up WB (c) Jay-Z.

  • Good news, FOX is going to reboot Fantastic 4. After 2 horrendous movies (minus the Silver Surfer, he was awesome) FOX is looking to cash in on that sweet sweet Disney deal by trying to get back on Marvel's good side. They've hired Akiva Goldsman (Hancock, I Am Legend, Mr & Mrs Smith) to produce and Michael Green (Heroes co-producer, Green Lantern writer) to write the script. Let us hope...

Xbox 360 RROD reports are on the decline. Maybe Microsoft has finally found the right mix of chips that don't cause 360 to spontaneously melt.

Lawrence Krauss suggested yesterday that to get to Mars, we should just make it a 1-way trip. This would reduce the cost & technical requirements of getting there. I suggest we send all GOP members. Shit this country's going to shit according to them, why don't we just give them their own planet? Seems they're there mentally anyway.

Release Dates:
Games: Guitar Hero 5 (X360, PS3, Wii); Section 8 (X360); more...
DVDs: State Of Play w/ Russell Crowe & Ben Affleck; Earth w/ James Earl Jones; more...
Music: nothing important

Oh yea, Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II > Jay-Z - Blueprint 3 by a LONG shot.

Hot Shit: Raekwon - OB4CL2
Not Shit: My car catching it, Slaughterhouse not performing at 930 club

-- The Catalyst aka @cthecatalyst aka Homer Pimpson

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Image Not Found

YOU ARE GOING TO DIE! While that statement is universally true (you will die at some point, not me, Bill Compton is my alternate personality), some people may edge closer if the Pig virus has anything to do with it. According to a report issued by the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Tech (PCAST), more than half of the US may catch the swine flu, aka H1N1, this fall and winter.

I know what you're thinking, avid FOX News watcher, and the answer is yes. Yes, this does seem like scare tactics to help Obama push through health care reform (which is headed nowhere according to Sen. Feingold) but less we forget, we've been blatantly lied to more times than I can count the past 8 years. Which would you choose: lies got us into 2 useless wars and built our deficit to astronomical numbers OR lies that would get A LOT of people insured while driving insurance cost down? Hmmmm, no brainer.

Speaking of the health care debate, did you see Jon Steward ROAST Betsy McCaughey's flimsy arguments and misinformation last week? WATCH HERE!

Lastly on health, good news for everyone who rocks the Professor Farnsworth glasses, scientist have created eye cells from stem cells. Will this disrupt weed for glaucoma treatments? That remains to be seen but hopefully, the stickiest of the icky will be legalized anyway soon.

Confirmed: Mike Vick will make his debut Thursday against the Jacksonville Jaguars making this the first time we see the Monovon VickNabb ((c) Goldyn Child) in action. Coach Reid has said, "Look for him sooner rather than later," and don't expect him in the 4th quarter. How he will be used remains to be seen but expect to see him toss the dog pig-skin at least once.

Getting my sports center on, in Baseball news (as Goldyn Child cringes), NY Met's Johan Santana will be out for the season with Herr's bone chips in his elbow. Another blow to the already expected to fail Mets. How dire is the situation there? Santana (no Carlos) is the 12th Met to join the disabled list. Ouch. (pun intended).

Well, today seems to be a bad day to be a Santana as Juelz Santana was arrested this morning for threatening to kill his baby mom's and domestic violence. Juelz was quoted as yell at her to, "Sit in the car! And don't touch nothin, sit in the car!"

Oh and O'Rly has responded to Jay-Z. Would somebody please rip out this dude's endocrine system please?

C-Murder caught another 10 years. So if he somehow serves his life sentence completely, he'll still have 10 more years to go. Overkill? TRU.

I do love it when my two loves hip-hop and video games unite. It's either REALLY bad (Wu-Tang Shaolin anyone?), REALLY good (DJ Hero & Scratch) or just hilarious (50 Cent's Blood On The Sand), but check this out: Pacific Division (aka PacDiv) dropped their flash game Church League Champions: The Game today. Play as Mibbs, Like or BeYoung and try to hit as many 3's or free throws as possible. Nice.

Check out this pack of web programming car stickers for when you just have to let people know how much of a geek you are. Shout out to .NET tho, that's my jammie.

If you haven't watched the two Halo: ODST ViDocs yet, you are definitely playin yaself (c) Jeru. Check out Desperate Measures and Bip. Bap. Bam. NOW! If those two don't get you pumped you are probably a jock with a stupid face who dates the best looking cheerleader who I tried to get with and couldn't because I didn't have a car and didn't have money and wasn't popular and was nervous because she was so pretty that I almost fainted; But if they do get you pumped, pre-order H:ODST at Amazon to receive a $5 mp3 credit, $15 towards a future video game purchase and an unlock code to play Sgt. Johnson [||] in Firefight mode.

Just as quickly The Pirate Bay disappeared, it reappeared and ready to fight. Avast TPB! Man the cannons, raise the flag and prepare to swashbuckle until we can't swashbuckle no more!

Release Dates:
Games: Batman: Arkham Asylum (X360, PS3); Metroid: Trilogy (Wii); Professor Layton & The Diabolical Box (DS); Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP); Warriors Orochi 2 (PSP); NBA 2k10: Draft Combine (XBLA); Cursed Mountain (Wii); see more... <---- awesome week for us gamers
Music: Arctic Monkeys - Humbug; LeToya - Lady Love; Lil Wyte - The Bad Influence; Queen Latifah - Persona; Matisyahu - Light; see more...
DVDs: Duplicity w/ Clive Owen & Julia Roberts; Fighting w/ Channing Tatum & Terrance Howard; Adventureland w/ Jesse Eisenburg & Kristen Stewart; Sunshine Cleaning w/ Amy Adams & Emily Blunt; see more...

If there's one thing I really need yous guys to do, it's go see Inglourious Basterds PLEASE.

Follow me @cthecatalyst.

Hot Shit: Inglourious Basterds, VickNabb and football coming back, Batman: AA
Not Shit: Bill O'Rly, the GOP as a whole, Swine Flu, house breaking a puppy

-- The Catalyst aka HeptMurda (I guess only avid hip-hop twitterers will get that)

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Loot & Plunder

Brett Favre is back...again. This time he's re-untiring and officially joining the Vikings. Not only does he get to skirt training camp and some of the pre-season, but he's pretty much guaranteed the starting spot over a better QB (IMO) Tarvaris Jackson AND a guy the Vikings traded for in Sage Rosenfels. Wack move if you ask me, but I'ma let Chris Carter tell it.

Side note: Madden heads, Vick as an Eagle and Favre as a Viking will be included in 8/19's Madden Roster update for Madden '10.

"Mr President, I can't tell if you're a Jedi who's always 10 steps ahead, or if this health care issue is kicking his ass just a little bit," (c) John Steward (Watch). After a town hall in CO (no Rick Ross) where PrObama stated, "Whether we have the public option or not, is not the entirety of health care reform," Democrats and the left wing in general have been putting on pressure to keep the public option alive.

Slaughterhouse put up 22,255 albums sold in their first week. That's beating Eminem AND it's better than Fab's first week. It's a low number BUT with Fab receiving a single with Jay-Z, a single with The-Dream and a remix to that single AND a major label push, it's not that bad.

[Nerd News]

Lot's of PS3 stuff announced today. The short list:

  • PS3 Slim (34% slimmer) @ $299.99

  • PS3 (phat?) dropping in price to $299.99

  • "Eye Of Judgment" on PSP

  • New PSP-3000 colors

  • PS3 3.00 firmware update

  • PSP Go's registered between Oct. 1 and Oct. 10 will get Gran Turismo PSP for FREE

  • PSHome will be receiving all new features

I'm sure my cohort Young Chris will be able to go into detail tomorrow.
[/Nerd News]

Release Dates:
Games: Wolfenstien (X360, PS3); Raven Squad (X360); Spectrobes: Origins (Wii); Shadow Complex (XBLA)
DVDs: Hannah Montana: The Movie w/ Miley Cyrus; The Last House On The Left w/ Tony Goldwyn; Tyson
Music: K'Naan - The Dusty Foot On The Road; Third Eye Blind - Ursa Major

Gotta cut it short cuz I gotta go see a man about a dog.

Hot Shit: PS3 price cut & PS3 Slim, Zune HD, Siberian Huskies
Not Shit: Brett Favre re-unretiring, Dems backing off of Public Option, idiots carrying semi-autos to PrObama rallies

-- The Catalyst aka Trilly D. Williams

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Slaugust 11th

Ok, let me take a few minutes to stop roasting Ace Hood on twitter (@cthecatalyst for the hilarity) to give yous guys some freshness.

For some reason, people are "scared of Obama" (who's still the only President who still constantly never gets "President" in front of his name) for pushing his healthcare reform. He keeps trying to swat the ignance away but like reality shows or Soulja Boy, it just won't go away. People, we need healthcare reform, get over it.

@cthecatalyst #uknowuacehood when the only people who bought your last album was you and you in a Groucho mask

Tonight there's expected to be an awesome meteor shower. The annual Perseid meteor shower is expected to grace our continent between midnight and 5 am (EST). If the weather permits, you really should take your kids out and show them there's more to this world than TV and games.

@cthecatalyst #uknowuacehood when the only people who bought your last album was you and you in a Groucho mask when you sign up on twitter as "AceHood" but then sign up again as "TheRealAceHood" to get twice the followers

Today was a great day in hip-hop as Slaughterhouse's album finally went on sale. If you are one of those who continue to bash hip-hop saying "its dead", and "there's nothing good", but yet won't buy this album; you need to Final Destination yourself.

@cthecatalyst #uknowuacehood when DJ Khaled has you in his phone as "DO NOT ANSWER"

Some crazy lady decided to throw a mug at Mona Lisa, Leonardo Di Vinci's (of Di Vinci Code fame) master piece. Turns out she was literally out of her mind as she was placed in a French psychiatric unit.

@cthecatalyst #uknowuacehood when you make a FML about this trending topic and everybody votes "you totally deserved it"

Apparently Kid Cudi was nominated for a Teen Choice award. I will not juxtapose that with a "I Poke Her Face" joke...

@cthecatalyst #uknowuacehood when iTunes list "wrist slitting knives" and "poisoned kool aid" as things "Listeners Also Bought"

The new Xbox 360 dashboard update is now live. As a reminder, you'll be receiving better Netflix functionality, Games On Demand, Avatar rewards and more. Download now.

Keeping on Microsoft, Amazon let loose info Zune HD pricing. A 16 GB player will cost you $219.99 and a 32 GB model of sexiness will run you $289.99, which is $10 less than the current 16 GB iPod Touch. Ouch. It's rumored to be hitting the streets on September 8th. I'd cop if I didn't need a ridiculous amount of hard drive space (currently under 100 mb on my 80 gb iPod Classic).

Feast your eyes on what is sure to be my next PDA, the AT&T Tilt 2 bka HTC Touch Pro2 (aka HTC Rhodium). It's just a matter of time. Of course the TP2 runs Windows Mobile so I guess that's also MFST related.

Ending my Microsoft nerd news love fest, it seems tomorrow (8/12) Microsoft and Nokia will announce an alliance. UUWWWWHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? (c) Chris Griffin. Well the latest leaked news is that Microsoft is only working on a version of Mobile Office for Nokia phones. zzzzzz

Release Dates:
Games: Madden NFL '10 (X360, PS3, Wii, PSP); Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (PSN)
DVDs: I Love You Man w/ Paul Rudd, Jason Segel and Rashida Jones (who may just become my mistress); 17 Again w/ Zac Effron & Matthew Perry
Music: Slaughterhouse - Slaughterhouse (GO BUY THIS NOW!); Joe Budden - Escape Route (Digital Only); Jessie James - Jessie James;

It's late but I still got it in [||]. Check me out on twitter @cthecatalyst.

Hot Shit: Slaughterhouse in stores now, my new tattoo, President Obama
Not Shit: Ignorant people who love to stay ignorant. We need to start a "Leave The Country" campaign for these people who don't like Pres. Obama.

-- The Catalyst aka Terrell Owen Hart

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Your favorite pre-PrObama president and mine, Bill Clinton, convinced North Korea to free those 2 US journalist. Ole Slick Willie put the moves on Kim Jong Il and poof, special pardons for all. I think Jong Il even wanted to pardon Chi Ali until Bill reminded him he was US prisoner.

No this is not important news but it should be near the top. There is now a Snuggie for dogs. Human civilization FAIL.

Do you know what else is NOT (allthats)fresh? Short shorts for men. REALLY?! (c) Seth & Amy.

If you happen to have Showtime and you have not been watching Penn & Teller: BULLSHIT! this season then you seriously need to reconsider your TV watching expertise. Last week's episode was an awesome one about organic food. In this summer when there seems to be absolutely nothing to watch (no Mr. LebronJamesBond, I will not watch Obsessed with green eggs & ham), there's always the premiums.

Keri Hilson on the cover of Complex? That was simple.

The cover artwork & (rumored) tracklisting for Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 3' was released online yesterday. From the looks of it, it might be headed for Snoozeville, population: me. Although Kanye doing most of the production may be a good look, no Just Blaze beats is certainly not. Along with his yawn worthy performance on "Run This Town" where Kanye showed him up and "Death Of The Autotune" seemingly losing some steam, it'll be interesting to see how this turns out.

Speaking of slept on albums, literally, shout out to Fab for dropping this new Ambien in the form of a CD 'Loso's Way'. Mr. John Jackson seriously sounds like he doesn't want to rap anymore. Remember when Joe Budden was his sidekick and you were waiting for new Clue tapes to hear Fab rip the latest instrumental? Yea, those days are LONG gone. Word to Lil Mo.

DeAndre Way? Nah, won't even waste my time or links.

I'll toss the nerd news alley oop to the Goldyn Child

Release Dates:
Games: G.I. Joe: Rise Of Cobra (All); SingStar Queen (PS3); Daisy Fuentes Pilates (Wii)
Music: Poison Pen - The Money Shot
DVDs: The Soloist w/ Jamie Foxx & Robert Downey Jr; Obsessed w/ Beyonce, Idris Elba & Ali Larter; Race To Witch Mountain w/ The Rock

The dog days of summer are here. Hit me up on twitter @cthecatalyst

Hot Shit: Penn & Teller Bullshit, Finding lower insurance and the upcoming ATF interview with Ab
Not Shit: Snuggies for dogs, Short shorts for men and ignorant minds for the GOP

-- The Catalyst aka Luke Flywalker
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

7 Minutes In Atavan Heaven

udge Sonia Sotomayor's nomination was approved by Senate Judiciary Committee today. Congratulations to her for becoming the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice. She still has a final Senate confirmation vote but unless she shoots Dick Chaney then performs necrophilia...she still might be confirmed.

I have nothing to say about the Texas Baby Tragedy. Some people just really don't deserve to breathe the same air as the rest.

Biker beef! (pause) Who will be the first to drop a record on Hot 97?

Jupiter was recently chin checked by a space object. Awesome pictures but now the question is, could it happen to Earth? Short answer? Yes. Longer answer? Not likely because we have Jupiter. What a lot of people don't know is that Jupiter is so massive, that most comets and asteroids that enter our solar system get caught in it's gravitational field and get flung back out into the universe. Think of Jupiter as the big brother to all the little brother planets inside of the asteroid belt. Now if only the God of Thunder could do that for you guys & gals who can't avoid drama.

R.I.P. Vernon Forrest.

Sprint has acquired Virgin Mobile for, ready for this? $483 million! Whuuuuuaaaatttt? Well for the 10 of you out there still on VM, it looks like you will be paired with Boost Mobile soon. Where you at?

[Nerd News]
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 will hit stores September 29th. Think of it as Ninja Gaiden 2 with less blood and gore and more PS3. Ghost fish and electric sword dogs will be intact, along with 2 new playable characters and an all new co-op mode.

Seems Microsoft really will open retail stores. You'll finally have a human face to complain to about your BSOD and RROD. You'll then go to the neighboring Apple store and not be able to afford anything.

2 words: Tron Legacy.
[/Nerd News]

Release Dates:
DVDs: Fast & Furious w/ Vin Diesel & Paul Walker; Dragonball: Evolution (Stan Gable's movie of the year) w/ Justin Chatwin & Chow Yun Fat; Miss March w/ Zach Cregger & Trevor Moore
Music: Fabolous - Loso's Way; J-Kwon - Hood Hop 2.5; Z-RO - My Favorite Mixtape
Games: King Of The Fighters XII (PS3, X360); Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (XBLA) !!!!!

I'm Swazye...unless you follow me on twitter @cthecatalyst.

Hot Shit: MVC2, Tron Legacy, Sotomayor getting confirmed
Not Shit: Decapitating babies, lack of enthusiasm to write

-- The Catalyst aka Patrick Steward Scott

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lucky Blackjack

Good afternoon...ladies.

I do not want Whitney Houston on a Swizz Beatz track. No jokes or clever wordplay, just DO NOT WANT.

Today, Kelis went into labor in NY, delaying a divorce proceeding, but apparently SOMEBODY didn't get an invite. Cold-blooded. Regardless, congratulations you two rascals.

Rumor has it that the next iPod Touch will have a camera and a microphone so basically, when you add Skype, here's your Verizon/Sprint/T-Mobile iPhone.

In keeping with iPod Touch/iPhone news, there's a new app out now that will turn your iPhone into a medical marijuana finder. It was created by AJNAG (Activists Justifying the Natural Agriculture of Ganja) and is on sale for $2.99.This should help you sniff out the stickiest of the icky with no problems.

Rolling off that and into more mobile news, professional mobile application developer Handmark has just released their new Twitter app for Blackberry's called TweetCaster. It promises to shorten links automagically, track @replies, locate twitterers close to you through GPS, and let you see trending topics. Version 2.0 will eventually link to your brain so you will not have to type anymore. The best part? It's FREE as long as you send this tweet update* "Just got #TweetCaster by Handmark FREE for my BlackBerry in exchange for this tweet. Get yours:".

More internet for you, Mozilla has released Firefox 3.7 mockups. Check it out when you can because not only will it help you score with the chicks (women just LOVE a man with an updated browser, true story) but it will fully integrate with Vista/Win7 aero technology. It's looking to go the more menu-less route that IE8 and Google Chrome has taken previously. Keep an eye out for that.

[Nerd News]

New Xbox Live Dashboard update will be hitting August 11th. This promises Games On Demand, better Netflix performance game ratings and more. Seeing as tho how I just got my 360 back, I'm hoping for "mor red ring of def protekshun".

[/Nerd News]

Greatest. Commercial. Ever. Gives a new meaning to 'Obey Your Thirst'...ladies.

Release Dates:
Games: Wii Sports Resort (Wii); G-Force (All)
DVDs: Watchmen (with a half hour added to the movie) w/ Jackie Earle Haley, Malin Akerman & Patrick Wilson; Coraline w/ Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher & John Hodgman; Echelon Conspiracy w/ Shane West, Ving Rhames
Music: Jordin Sparks - Battlefield; Eyedea & Abilities - By The Throat (pause)

Lastly, I have to give a shoutout to Chaundon (@Chaundon) and Joe Budden (@mousebudden) for being two artist that truly continuously reach out to the fans by having almost daily live streams and answering questions constantly through it. These are good dudes.

Hot Shit: Technology, Slaughterhouse "Cuckoo", Treadmilling
Not Shit: Scare tactics opposing health care reform, Verizon

-- The Catalyst aka Lewis Black Caesar

*I, like Goldyn Child, have too much man pride to call it a "tweet"...ladies.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ATF Special: To Catch A Fanboy

Fanboys. These bias bastards, these internet idiots, these...troubled trolls of the web have always been, but it only seems recently with the advent of Web 2.0 that they have been given a voice unlike any other period in time. They have infiltrated every category of aggregate site from music to politics to movies to video games to science to technology. If there is an entry written on a blog about a particular subject, you can almost always count on a fanboy to show up and devolve the conversation into a flame war.

At this moment you may be asking yourself, "What exactly is a fanboy and do I know whether or not it has affected my family, or even me?" A fanboy is a person who is extremely passionate about and loyal to something (subject, object) and will defend said "thing" at every turn, even when proven wrong with hard evidence and facts. As a simple example, an Apple fanboy may say, "The iPhone innovated 'cut, copy and paste' on mobile and now everybody is going to follow." But when presented with evidence that the original Palm Pilot was able to perform 'cut, copy and paste' back in the late 90's, along with every PDA/Smartphone since then, they quickly retort with immature insults, often accusing the accuser with being a fanboy themselves.

Why do they do this? Some would say attention, others say purpose, but it might just break down to the basic need of wanting to be on the winning team; a longing to belong and be accepted. Ask yourself, why does one feel such astute loyalty to something inconsequential like the iPhone; in hip-hop Jay-Z over Nas and vice versa; in movies Scorsese over Coppola and vice versa, etc. One may never meet Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter or Nasir "Nas" Jones but yet feels the need to defend to the death one over the other with heightened passion with no compromise possible.

As this is site tends to focus more on entertainment and technology, I'll stick to these areas. The latest showings in fanboyism is the latest schism are two new hip-hop feuds between Joe Budden & Inspectah Deck and Jay-Z & Game. Fans on both sides of both feuds are furiously throwing out the usual taunts such as "dick rider" and "idiot" and completely misrepresenting facts.

First up, Jay-Z versus The Game. Fans of the Game (or more accurately, anti-Jay-Z fans) hurl insults such as "camel face" and "sell out" but never mention the music they like from Mr. Carter, or how successful his solo business ventures have been and the accomplishments he's achieved. Fans of Jay-Z look down up The Game as if he's a worthless nobody but fail to recognize how his debut reignited the West Coast hip-hop scene above the ground. Jayceon debut with fire in his stomach and a passion for hip-hop that hadn't been seen on a commercial level in a while. Intelligent hip-hop fans who like good music may not like the Game's antics off the mic, but usually have some praise for his body of work and at the same time feel the same for Jay-Z. It is ok to like both of their music at the same time.

Second, Joe Budden vs. Inspectah Deck. Wu fans (and there are an abundance) are quick dismiss Joe as an "internet rapper" who is a talent less hack. They don't recognize that Joe's self titled debut was certified gold (selling over 500k) by the RIAA and that even in the pits of defeat after being dropped from Def Jam, that he has developed a cult following (not unlike the Wu in the 90's) through this new media. Budden fans' #1 argument is that the Rebel INS only has one classic verse and is now a has-been languishing in irrelevancy. They don't give INS credit for crafting verses on some of the most influential and genre changing albums along with his solid streak of solo albums. His latest "Resident Patient" has plenty of what the hip-hoppers call "bangers" and showcase a man who isn't at the end of his career, but still enjoying it. It is ok to like both of their music at the same time.

The point I'm trying to illustrate and illuminate is that when you give in to fanboyism, you risk tearing apart yourself, your family, your country and quite possibly the universe. It can result in committing or receiving physical and mental harm, or even worse, death. We must remain vigilant, we cannot let fanboyism take over, and we must stomp it out everywhere it pops up. Only then will we be able to return to intelligent discussion, civil debate and understanding of both sides of the argument.

For this special report, I am Cannon for AllThatsFresh.

Release Dates
Games: NCAA Football '10 (PS3, X360, PSP)....It's official, we are in a summer drought
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Find me here @cthecatalyst

Hot Shit: My first special report, my Xbox 360 is back, these nice ass days we've been having in Philly
Not Shit: Fanboys, trolls, idiots, stupid idiots, idjeets, this video game drought

-- The Catalyst aka Chris Handsome

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Michael Jackson's public memorial was today. If Stevie Wonder singing "I'd Never Thought You'd Leave In The Summer" didn't get your face turned up, then Marlon Jackson or little Paris Jackson HAD to. If you didn't catch it, the rebroadcast should be online somewhere or I'm sure some bootlegger will have it on DVD on the block.

Kanye & Lady Gaga are going on tour. Why not? I'll bring a portable tv to watch while Stefani's on least until she shows some cheeks.

Sarah Palin quit over the weekend but for some reason still has strong support among the GOP. Whatever, as long as she goes far far away and sooner rather than later.

In WTF news, last week (6/30) Green Party leader Cynthia McKinney was captured by the Israeli Navy and held until she was deported back to the US today (7/7). Apparently her boat was carrying some supplies and toys to the Gaza strip at the time of the seizing. Look, if you're going to get caught and detained by our ALLIES then at least be doing something gangsta like delivering keys of coke or crates of Halo 3 rocket launchers, then crate some type of metal exoskeleton to forcibly escape. Tony Stark had the right idea.

This week's country to have people rioting is China. Uighur protesters have been taking to the streets as they are accusing the Han Chinese of crowding them out and just generally not liking them. This is definitely not a good look for the Communist regime as it spits in the face of their philosophy.

Scientist have identified the coldest known object in space and it's not Kanye's ego. The European Space Agency's (ESA) Planck spacecraft actually cooled itself down to -459.49 degrees F (-273.05 C). Science geeks know that that is just 0.1 C above absolute zero and 1.2 C above Kanye's winter. Planck does it so that it can correctly study the Cosmic Microwave Background which unfortunately shares the same acronym as Color Me Badd...*sigh*

Release Dates:
Games: The Bigs 2 [no Ron Isley] (360, PS3, Wii, PSP)...seriously, that's it
DVDs: Knowing w/ John Travolta as Nicholas Cage; The Unborn w/ Gary Oldman, Odette Yustman & a bunch of upside down faces; Push w/ Johnny Storm & Dakota Fanning
Music: The Alchemist - Chemical Warfare (GET THIS!!), Royce Da 5'9" - The Revival EP (Digital Only) Charli 2na - Fish Outta Water, Maxwell - BLACKsummers'Night, LMFAO - Party Rock

Lastly, welcome my homeboy Big Steve to the Twuniverse. Follow him @trill_cosby.

Hot Shit: RIP Mike Jack, Palin hopefully leaving the Earth to live elsewhere, The Alchemist's Chemical Warfare album, my 360 is repaired, getting back on the treadmill
Not Shit: My short ass post, the BET awards (because it was that disappointing), Palin probably not leaving this Earth to live elsewhere

-- The Catalyst aka Nolan Ryan Reynolds

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Fallen

[immediate nerd news]
It's official. Torrent capital of the world The Pirate Bay has been sold off to a Swedish software firm. The firm (no Nas) Global Gaming Factory X has agreed to the deal which will net the founders of TPB a cool 60 million in Swedish crowns (~ $7.7 million in real money aka USD). The money will come in handy as the founders were fined $3.6 million last year as well as sentenced to one year in jail for their world domination scheme, one torrent at a time. So as we send one torrent site into the night, torrenters will only have a limited amount of about hundreds of torrent sites to choose from. What ever will they do???
[/nerd news]

Transformers 2: Electric Boogaloo Revenge Of The Fallen attacked the box office with what seems like a Cybertronian plasma ray and blew it to bits. In it's first day (last Wednesday 6/24), it grossed $60.6 million (along with close to $100 M world wide) and went on to gross $112 million over the weekend. It is the new the highest gross in the history of Wednesday openings and is the second highest gross of all time behind The Dark Knight. Criticism is seemingly split down the middle with either a love it (me & stan gable) or hate it (goldyn child) mentality. This led me to challenge the golden one to a Twoint/CounterTwoint for which he happily accepted but eventually had to back down from because he was getting embarrassed asked to not spoil the plot. We later battled to a stand still on AIM.

In news that actually means something, today is a very important day for the war in Iraq as US troops are starting to withdraw from cities and towns. The Iraqis have declared this day a public holiday known as National Sovereignty Day. Remember, combat ops are to end by September of next year with a full withdraw (pause) by the end of 2011, just in time for PrObama to start his re-election campaign on a platform of true victory in Iraq. Am I psychic or actually from the future? I'll never tell.......(Hint: neither)

I don't know if you've heard but uhh, there was a military coup in Honduras over the weekend. Former Pres. Jose Zelaya was ousted (while in bed and in his red feetie pajamas) and in his place now sits Pres. Roberto Clemete Michelette. Keep your eye on this story as it's going to be another coal fire walk for our new President.

[nerd news redux]
Today is the release of FireFox 3.5 to much fanfare and it seems like it was well worth the wait. There have been ALOT of great updates made under the hood but the point is that it's faster and smarter than the current FF3 and is waaaaay better than the load of crap* that was FF2. Mozilla still has an up hill climb as Internet Explorer is still the top dog but with a modest 22.5% of the market place, you can't say they are in the slums anymore.

That's not all either. Mozilla over the weekend also loosed two updated versions of it's mobile browser codename Fennec. Alpha 2 is now available for Windows Mobile phones with VGA resolution (mainly the HTC Touch Pro) and Beta 2 for the Maemo, which is a platform used for the Nokia N800 and N810 internet tablets. Beware if you want to try WM Alpha 2, these are not for the faint of heart as my Fuze literally donned it's fedora and brief case and left my house for about 2 days.

*FF 2 at the time actually wasn't a load of crap.
[/nerd news]

It's release date time:
DVDs: Street Fighter: Legend Of Chun-Li (Stan Gable's movie of the year) w/ Kristin Kreuk, Chris Klein & Moon Bloodgood; 12 Rounds w/ John Cena; Two Lovers w/ Joaquin Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow & Vinessa Shaw
Music: Wu-Tang Clan - Chamber Music; AZ - G.O.D. (Gold, Oils and Diamonds); Jeremiah - Jeremiah; Ace Hood - Ruthless (how'd this guy get a second album?)
Games: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (X360, PS3); Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood (X360, PS3); Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (All); Harry Potter & The Half-Blooded Price (All)

Lastly, check out our new Tweetboard on the left hand side of your screen. Hopefully from now on you will be treated to the live tweets of the day's writer and will be able to respond to them directly. Thank you 140ware for coming up with such a (allthats)fresh idea. If you want Tweetboard on your site check out their page here.

We outta herrrreeeeee. Follow your boy on twitter for more hilarious antics: @cthecatalyst

Hot Shit: Transformers 2, Firefox 3.5, President Obama being cool as a fan with this world going crazy
Not Shit: RIP Mike Jackson & Billy Mays, Kim Jong Il (I ain't forget about you), my Xbox 360 catching the red ring of death

-- The Catalyst aka Dwayne Wade Wilson

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Better late than never...

Yea yea, so I'm extremely late and will probably be short. Wanna fight about it? (c) Patty Tanager, the Caddy Manager.

Rest in Peace to those 9 who lost their lives yesterday in the fatal and deadliest Wash DC Metro accident EVER ( in all 33 years). This hit home hard for me and a few of my ATF/Cov cohorts as we all attended Howard University starting in 2001 and we super avid Metro riders. I use to take the Red line almost everyday from 04-07 since I lived literally across the street from the Fort Totten metro. I can't tell you how many times the Red line disappointed with super delays between the Tacoma Park and Brooklyn-CUA stations. I'm hoping that this tragedy will not be overlooked and that a complete overhaul of the DC metro system is already in the works. The rear train didn't even have dash board video yet and needed brake work! What type of peanut butter & jelly bullshit is that?!!?! Mayor Fenty better tell them dudes, get they shit together cuz for real, I can tell you there are PLENTY of metro trains still running right now on the Green, Yellow and Blue lines that need to be taken out of service (the Orange line always got the new hot shit)...

Iran is STILL falling apart more than a week later and with good reason. Today, Iran's ruling clerical regime put an end to any doubt by ruling out any annulment of the election and putting forth a date on which President Ahmadinejad will be re-sworn in as Pres for a second term. The streets were quiet today as the Iranian rule started cracking down hardcore (even going far enough to say "We will make examples of those who were picked up") and people start caring about their freedom and safety. After the terrible sniping death of Neda that was caught on a cell phone camera (no links here, respect the dead), some are definitely staying indoors and I don't blame them. Like I said last week, I wish there was an easy answer to this but unfortunately, I don't see this ending anytime soon.

Your favorite dictator's favorite dictator Kim Jong Il has hinted that North Korea will be testing missiles between June 25th and July 10th. This dude is so wild, we really have no reason to doubt that. The rumor is NK will test launch a missile towards Hawaii on July 4th! Hopefully Hawaii can complete their secret genetic experiments to create those Ring of Fire volcano monsters to protect the islands and eat those missiles.

R.I.P. Ed McMahon. He's the latest winner of the Heaven's Clearance House contest.

Coke is committed to China Expansion. Kilo is a thousand grams, it's easy to remember... (c) Ghostface

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen has leaked to the internet. According to the reviews, you're better off getting it there anyway.Little known fact, Megatron stated sometime around 2002 that Nas's "I Gave You Power" is his theme song. (If you're a hip-hop head + transformers stan, you should be laughing right now).

Release Dates:
DVDs: The Code w/ Morgan Freeman & Antonio Banderas, Confessions Of A Shopaholic (Diggs McCoy's favorite movie of the year) w/ Isla Fisher & Hugh Dancy, Pink Panther 2 w/ Steve Martin, Inkheart w/ Brendan Fraser, War Wolves (Special Forces unit tracks down werewolf-infected soldier.) w/ Mike Worth
Games: The Conduit (Wii), Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires (X360, PS3), Fight Night: Rd. 4 (X360, PS3), Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen (All)
Music: DJ JS-1 - Ground Original 2: No Sell Out, Ginuwine - A Man's Thoughts, Al B. Sure - Honey I'm Home, C-Thug - I Am Arizona, F.L.Y. - Jamboree, Willie Northpole - Tha Connect

Finally, I'd like to send a shout out to the ATF Sweethearts: @bellaluna23 (my love!), @ayeallybea, @jamisoncassette, @sodamntamtastic, @theduchessofart, and @diondramarie. These women know what's fresh!

Hot Shit: Still playing [Prototype], Wale's "Back To The Feature" free mixtape full of fire, following @cthecatalyst on twitter
Not Shit: Iran, North Korea, short post

-- The Catalyst aka Derek Luke Cage

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Post of Fury

The world at complete unrest right now and surprisingly Russia doesn't have anything to do with it (In Soviet Russia, the world unrest YOU).

We start in the cradle of civilization with the Iranian Presidential Election debacle. Literally thousands or protesters took to the streets today which is the second day such has happened. They are rallying and marching for their candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi whom they believe was cheated out of more than a few votes. The evidence is somewhat in their favor as current Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may have pulled a fast one as John Steward so eloquently explain it last night.

Now our leader PrObama does have to be careful in how he assesses and criticizes this whole situation. As of now he's only stated that he believes "something has happened in Iran" and that "there are people who want to see greater openness, greater debate and greater democracy." He cannot overstep the line and actually say "those elections were rigged" because you & I know that if Ahmadinejad had said the same thing we'd be in a complete uproar.

Iran's main problem at this point, however, is not outside influences but the protesting and what seems to be the uprising of young Iranians who want fairness and balance of power. In case you have NO clue of who actually runs shit in Iran, it's the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his cleric regime. Believe it or not, the President over there is just a figurehead; someone people can feel as if they put into power and speaks for the country but doesn't make any important decisions at all. So why is rallying and protesting for 2 days straight so far important if it's only for a meaningless position? It's because the more pressure the people of Iran put on Khamenei, the more he actually has to loosen his power. Khamenei actually issued a "limited" ballot recount, something that would have been unheard just a few years ago. THAT gesture could actually be the first crack in what use to be a stone wall of power for the top of Iran. IF (← that's a big if) this continues, we could see a revolution the likes of which haven't been seen since the Berlin Wall fell. Keep your eyes glued to this story as this could have long lasting implications in the Middle East.

From there, we head over to North Korea, who's crazy sonofabitch leader Kim Jong Il and his officials have publicly gone on record as saying they will weaponize their plutonium in defiance to the "tough new" sanctions leveled against them by the UN. This news also came with a bit of extra insane since satellites in orbit around the Earth have confirmed that North Korea did conduct a "probable" underground nuclear test in May. They have since threatened Nuclear War on the Korean peninsula if the U.S. and South Korea keep on "fuckin wit'em" (my terms). I usually have something of an answer for stuff like this but honestly, I have no freaking clue of what to do. North Korea will ignore any sanction (they have a class system so the people who can't eat aren't eating or living well won't anyway), condemnations by any leader of any country doesn't mean squat (your mom may not like me dealing drugs but that won't stop me) and any threat of military action against the country will ultimately result in World War 3 (Iraq did not have China, Russia & Japan involved to the extent they'd be in this beef). All I'll say is make sure you're ready for whatever might go down.

Lastly, it's just been reported that Pakistan (with it's crumbling government and everything) is preparing an offense against Taliban strongholds. They are going to hit South Waziristan to see if it can help curb al-Qaida attacks on our forces in Afghanistan. Hopefully it works because we REALLY could use the help and Pakistan finally seems like it's growing a pair of Bollywood Balls (yes I know that's India...prick).

The FDA says Zicam can make you loose your sense of smell. Nigga what?! Well believe it or not Zicam NEVER passed FDA approval because it's actually defined as a homeopathic remedy. Yes, it's in the same class of quackery as Airborne and other "natural remedies" that have actually been proven to not be effected at all. Time to return that 50 pack you bought from Costco.

In non-important news, Usher is divorcing Tameka. That would explain his super wack "I Want My Swagger Back" song...

Last month Facebook surpassed MySpace in terms of total U.S. visitors. Today MySpace announced that it's laying off 30 percent of it's staff. Who'll be the first to drop a "D.O.M.S. (Death Of MySpace)" song over Jay's "D.O.A."?

Release Dates:
Games: GhostBusters: TVG (X360, PS3, Wii, DS), Guitar Hero: Smash Hits (X360, PS3, Wii)
DVDs: Madea Goes To Jail w/ Tyler Perry, Derek Luke & Keisha Knight Pulliam, Friday The 13th w/ Dereck Mears & Amanda Righetti, The Transformers: The Complete 1st Season (25th Anniversary Ed.) w/ Optimus Prime, Megatron & Starscream, The Cell 2 w/ doyoureallycare?
Music: Incubus - Monuments & Melodies, Terrance Trent D'Arby - Sign Your Name

You want the real ish? Well I gotcha...

Hot Shit: Slaughterhouse's recent media blitz, [Prototype] on X360, the How To Succeed In Evil podcast coming back off of break
Not Shit: The Hangover (yea I said it), Iran's cleric rule, North Korea's leaders

-- The Catalyst aka Lex Luthor Vandross

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Real Spit from the Goldyn Child

Check out my comrade Young Chris aka Goldyn Child getting busy in his post this week at homebase.

Recently, there has been some disturbing news hitting the airwaves concerning our US soldiers over in Iraq.

The first being the revelation that a US Army soldier in Iraq participated in the rape of a young Iraqi girl and the murder of her family. Truly sickening. The next story revolves around a US soldier stationed in Iraq that killed 5 of his fellow soldiers. It just got me to thinking about the HUGE un-spoken toll that this war is taking on my generation. I remember being in ATL during my spring break, waking up semi-drunk with my homies (shouts to Brandon and the Henry family) watching CNN shocked and in awe (I suppose that tactic did indeed work) as they began to bomb the holy hell out of Baghdad.

Flash-forward to now, about 5 years and over 4,000 deaths later, and we have this news about these soldiers. Let's leave the actual casualties out of this. What about the many, many soldiers that return home without an arm or a leg only to be placed in a disgusting, insufficient medical facility (if you recall the Walter Reed scandal from a couple years ago)? That's America's way of saying thanks? As these soldiers are proof, the mental toll that war takes on you is beyond measure, something that also isn't taken into account.

I can directly relate to this as my Brother is a veteran of the Iraq war. I thank God everyday that he came home physically sound, but the mental toll, as he's told me, is something that is hard to quantify. The isolation, the fear, the anxiety, the nervousness, the sadness of knowing that a guy was killed who you just sat at the lunch table with yesterday or knowing your man died because a kid handed him a cell phone that turned out to be an IED. These feelings aren't easily purged, nor can they be forgotten as a soldier reacclimates his or herself back to civilian life. My brother can attest to those difficulties, he's just another example of young men, women, our peers, who return home just to feel more lost than when they left. Luckily, my brother has a network of family and friends that love him to help him, others are not so fortunate, and the end result can very well be manifesting itself in these acts that have been committed in the last couple weeks by the same young men and women that have sworn to protect our safety.

We all have to understand that, by and large, these are our peers doing this. Our contemporaries that are fighting and dying for this war. It is indeed our Vietnam, and the sooner that everyone realizes the tremendous shockwave this will have on my generation, the sooner we can go about remedying it. I have the utmost respect for all branches of the Armed Forces (my pops was in the Air Force for 24 years), thanks for keeping America safe. And that's not cliche George Bush bullshit. Shouts to my brother's dude Gino, who's currently on the ground in Afghanistan somewhere off that special ops. Yeah, he's hard core. So hard core he probably uses Chuck Norris brand toilet paper.

Read the rest of this post @

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Friday, April 03, 2009

A little something about the Wolverine leak...

I like to read Ain't It Cool News. Not because of the reviews, but mostly for the "Talkback" (aka the comment section). There's usually a lot of hilarity buried in there somewhere from rants to insults to secret GOPers using canned GOP lines; but sometimes there's that one comment that usually says it all for me and this one is about the latest movie to fall out of the faucet: X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Peep game:

Here is what I hate about the Movie Business..
by conspiracy
Apr 1st, 2009 02:09:54 AM
In a eat dinner before you pay. The unspoken rule is this...if you get served crappy food, there is a good chance you won't have to pay, provided you complained from the first few bites, at the very least you'll get a new plate.

But the way Hollywood sets this pay before you take the first bite...hell, you pay based upon 30 seconds of a 2 hour movie and the pompous ramblings of what are usually some bought and paid for "critics", then 20 minutes into what turns out to be shit...they typically won't refund your $ if you walk out. can demand your money back...but it isn't often they will give it too pay up front..and when the movie sucks you don't have much recourse.

The Box office should be at the exit...if you leave before the half way point because it sucks charge.

Why this rant here? because the way I see it Hollywood owes me at least one pirated movie per year...Fuck, they owe me three for Cloverfield to pay me back for the money I wasted watching it...1 more awarded for damages for the 80 minutes I'll never get back, and one more for pain and suffering.

Now why do I feel this way? Because the Wolverine movie leaked and once again the holier-than-thous come out of hiding to condemn anyone who even peaked at screenshot of the leaked movie.

NEWS FLASH: The movie is NOT that good.

Here's the thing, the rumor is there's 14 to 20 minutes of missing footage from the leaked work print copy and that there may have been re-writes and re-shoots. From what I've read around, those extra minutes will NOT help this movie unless it completely removes some elements and explains others better. The problem that seemingly the majority of bootleg viewers express is that, it's not the lack of special effects, score, editing and action that make XO:W not good, it's the lack of a great plot and dialog that make XO:W not good. Then there's also the small problem of the disregard for any continuity with even the other FOX produced X-Men movies, let alone the source material.

Example: in the first X-Men from 2000, Victor Creed/Sabertooth is shown as basically, a brainless, animalistic brute who follows only orders. In XO:W, Creed is a brutal, smart tactician who is ruthless in battle. How does he become so dumb in that time? No idea as these movies have nothing in common with the comic history.

Another example: Cyclops is in this movie for a grand total of 7 minutes. Why does he never mention his adventures from this movie in any of the 3 movies that follow this or the mutants he meets? No clue.

The bottom line is Chef FOX cooked a not-so-good meal and a lot of people got a taste it before they paid for it. Do not be mad at the people who will now not dine at your restaurant FOX; just call in the Gordan Ramsey of comic movies (Marvel) and hand the reigns over to him.

And don't get me started on what they did to Deadpool....

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How Twitter Will Save Hip-Hop

Ok so check this out. I was bouncing this theory off of my wife and I think there's something to it. Here I will attempt to apply the scientific method.

Question: What/Who could help Hip-Hop stave off it's slip into the abyss of gimmicky hooks w/ dances and questionable repetitive beats?

Background: Collaboration, brain storming and comradery have always affected Hip-Hop in a very positive way. The late 80's and 1992 to ~1996 where great era's in hip-hop and those were times were maybe 1 or 2 major riffs would happen (BDP vs Juice Crew was about who started hip-hop!). Overall there were alot of working together for the common good of making good music and even the disses were about good music.

Hypothesis: Twitter is the savoir of modern hip-hop.

Experimentation: Happening right now in front of you. Log on to twitter, follow your favorite artist, see who interacts with who.

Analysis: In what world without Twitter will you find Talib Kweli talking to Ludacris, who's talking to ?uestlove, who's talking to Diddy, who's talking to Q-Tip & Jay Electronica and this continues on and on. In this age of instant communications on one hub in front of the public instead of chance meetings at random clubs in random towns, we actually see the seeds of collaboration starting to grow, and we all have front row seats to witness it. Am I saying we're going to see Ludacris, Jean Grae & Charles Hamilton over an Alchemist beat with DJ Green Lantern on the scratches? Probably not BUT the spirit is in the air and I believe that Twitter can provide opprotunities of collaboration that were nigh impossible pre-Tweet.

Best example: Diddy aka Puff Daddy, just last night (3/17), was pushing all hip-hop artist he knows including Big Pooh from Little Brother to tweet Talib Kweli abut doing another Blackstar album! He also tweeted Kweli himself. Now how would that even be possible without twitter?!?!

See kids? Science CAN be fun regardless of what the religious right says!

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