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A little something about the Wolverine leak...

I like to read Ain't It Cool News. Not because of the reviews, but mostly for the "Talkback" (aka the comment section). There's usually a lot of hilarity buried in there somewhere from rants to insults to secret GOPers using canned GOP lines; but sometimes there's that one comment that usually says it all for me and this one is about the latest movie to fall out of the faucet: X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Peep game:

Here is what I hate about the Movie Business..
by conspiracy
Apr 1st, 2009 02:09:54 AM
In a eat dinner before you pay. The unspoken rule is this...if you get served crappy food, there is a good chance you won't have to pay, provided you complained from the first few bites, at the very least you'll get a new plate.

But the way Hollywood sets this pay before you take the first bite...hell, you pay based upon 30 seconds of a 2 hour movie and the pompous ramblings of what are usually some bought and paid for "critics", then 20 minutes into what turns out to be shit...they typically won't refund your $ if you walk out. can demand your money back...but it isn't often they will give it too pay up front..and when the movie sucks you don't have much recourse.

The Box office should be at the exit...if you leave before the half way point because it sucks charge.

Why this rant here? because the way I see it Hollywood owes me at least one pirated movie per year...Fuck, they owe me three for Cloverfield to pay me back for the money I wasted watching it...1 more awarded for damages for the 80 minutes I'll never get back, and one more for pain and suffering.

Now why do I feel this way? Because the Wolverine movie leaked and once again the holier-than-thous come out of hiding to condemn anyone who even peaked at screenshot of the leaked movie.

NEWS FLASH: The movie is NOT that good.

Here's the thing, the rumor is there's 14 to 20 minutes of missing footage from the leaked work print copy and that there may have been re-writes and re-shoots. From what I've read around, those extra minutes will NOT help this movie unless it completely removes some elements and explains others better. The problem that seemingly the majority of bootleg viewers express is that, it's not the lack of special effects, score, editing and action that make XO:W not good, it's the lack of a great plot and dialog that make XO:W not good. Then there's also the small problem of the disregard for any continuity with even the other FOX produced X-Men movies, let alone the source material.

Example: in the first X-Men from 2000, Victor Creed/Sabertooth is shown as basically, a brainless, animalistic brute who follows only orders. In XO:W, Creed is a brutal, smart tactician who is ruthless in battle. How does he become so dumb in that time? No idea as these movies have nothing in common with the comic history.

Another example: Cyclops is in this movie for a grand total of 7 minutes. Why does he never mention his adventures from this movie in any of the 3 movies that follow this or the mutants he meets? No clue.

The bottom line is Chef FOX cooked a not-so-good meal and a lot of people got a taste it before they paid for it. Do not be mad at the people who will now not dine at your restaurant FOX; just call in the Gordan Ramsey of comic movies (Marvel) and hand the reigns over to him.

And don't get me started on what they did to Deadpool....

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