Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Post of Fury

The world at complete unrest right now and surprisingly Russia doesn't have anything to do with it (In Soviet Russia, the world unrest YOU).

We start in the cradle of civilization with the Iranian Presidential Election debacle. Literally thousands or protesters took to the streets today which is the second day such has happened. They are rallying and marching for their candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi whom they believe was cheated out of more than a few votes. The evidence is somewhat in their favor as current Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may have pulled a fast one as John Steward so eloquently explain it last night.

Now our leader PrObama does have to be careful in how he assesses and criticizes this whole situation. As of now he's only stated that he believes "something has happened in Iran" and that "there are people who want to see greater openness, greater debate and greater democracy." He cannot overstep the line and actually say "those elections were rigged" because you & I know that if Ahmadinejad had said the same thing we'd be in a complete uproar.

Iran's main problem at this point, however, is not outside influences but the protesting and what seems to be the uprising of young Iranians who want fairness and balance of power. In case you have NO clue of who actually runs shit in Iran, it's the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his cleric regime. Believe it or not, the President over there is just a figurehead; someone people can feel as if they put into power and speaks for the country but doesn't make any important decisions at all. So why is rallying and protesting for 2 days straight so far important if it's only for a meaningless position? It's because the more pressure the people of Iran put on Khamenei, the more he actually has to loosen his power. Khamenei actually issued a "limited" ballot recount, something that would have been unheard just a few years ago. THAT gesture could actually be the first crack in what use to be a stone wall of power for the top of Iran. IF (← that's a big if) this continues, we could see a revolution the likes of which haven't been seen since the Berlin Wall fell. Keep your eyes glued to this story as this could have long lasting implications in the Middle East.

From there, we head over to North Korea, who's crazy sonofabitch leader Kim Jong Il and his officials have publicly gone on record as saying they will weaponize their plutonium in defiance to the "tough new" sanctions leveled against them by the UN. This news also came with a bit of extra insane since satellites in orbit around the Earth have confirmed that North Korea did conduct a "probable" underground nuclear test in May. They have since threatened Nuclear War on the Korean peninsula if the U.S. and South Korea keep on "fuckin wit'em" (my terms). I usually have something of an answer for stuff like this but honestly, I have no freaking clue of what to do. North Korea will ignore any sanction (they have a class system so the people who can't eat aren't eating or living well won't anyway), condemnations by any leader of any country doesn't mean squat (your mom may not like me dealing drugs but that won't stop me) and any threat of military action against the country will ultimately result in World War 3 (Iraq did not have China, Russia & Japan involved to the extent they'd be in this beef). All I'll say is make sure you're ready for whatever might go down.

Lastly, it's just been reported that Pakistan (with it's crumbling government and everything) is preparing an offense against Taliban strongholds. They are going to hit South Waziristan to see if it can help curb al-Qaida attacks on our forces in Afghanistan. Hopefully it works because we REALLY could use the help and Pakistan finally seems like it's growing a pair of Bollywood Balls (yes I know that's India...prick).

The FDA says Zicam can make you loose your sense of smell. Nigga what?! Well believe it or not Zicam NEVER passed FDA approval because it's actually defined as a homeopathic remedy. Yes, it's in the same class of quackery as Airborne and other "natural remedies" that have actually been proven to not be effected at all. Time to return that 50 pack you bought from Costco.

In non-important news, Usher is divorcing Tameka. That would explain his super wack "I Want My Swagger Back" song...

Last month Facebook surpassed MySpace in terms of total U.S. visitors. Today MySpace announced that it's laying off 30 percent of it's staff. Who'll be the first to drop a "D.O.M.S. (Death Of MySpace)" song over Jay's "D.O.A."?

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Music: Incubus - Monuments & Melodies, Terrance Trent D'Arby - Sign Your Name

You want the real ish? Well I gotcha...

Hot Shit: Slaughterhouse's recent media blitz, [Prototype] on X360, the How To Succeed In Evil podcast coming back off of break
Not Shit: The Hangover (yea I said it), Iran's cleric rule, North Korea's leaders

-- The Catalyst aka Lex Luthor Vandross


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