Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Michael Jackson's public memorial was today. If Stevie Wonder singing "I'd Never Thought You'd Leave In The Summer" didn't get your face turned up, then Marlon Jackson or little Paris Jackson HAD to. If you didn't catch it, the rebroadcast should be online somewhere or I'm sure some bootlegger will have it on DVD on the block.

Kanye & Lady Gaga are going on tour. Why not? I'll bring a portable tv to watch while Stefani's on stage...at least until she shows some cheeks.

Sarah Palin quit over the weekend but for some reason still has strong support among the GOP. Whatever, as long as she goes far far away and sooner rather than later.

In WTF news, last week (6/30) Green Party leader Cynthia McKinney was captured by the Israeli Navy and held until she was deported back to the US today (7/7). Apparently her boat was carrying some supplies and toys to the Gaza strip at the time of the seizing. Look, if you're going to get caught and detained by our ALLIES then at least be doing something gangsta like delivering keys of coke or crates of Halo 3 rocket launchers, then crate some type of metal exoskeleton to forcibly escape. Tony Stark had the right idea.

This week's country to have people rioting is China. Uighur protesters have been taking to the streets as they are accusing the Han Chinese of crowding them out and just generally not liking them. This is definitely not a good look for the Communist regime as it spits in the face of their philosophy.

Scientist have identified the coldest known object in space and it's not Kanye's ego. The European Space Agency's (ESA) Planck spacecraft actually cooled itself down to -459.49 degrees F (-273.05 C). Science geeks know that that is just 0.1 C above absolute zero and 1.2 C above Kanye's winter. Planck does it so that it can correctly study the Cosmic Microwave Background which unfortunately shares the same acronym as Color Me Badd...*sigh*

Release Dates:
Games: The Bigs 2 [no Ron Isley] (360, PS3, Wii, PSP)...seriously, that's it
DVDs: Knowing w/ John Travolta as Nicholas Cage; The Unborn w/ Gary Oldman, Odette Yustman & a bunch of upside down faces; Push w/ Johnny Storm & Dakota Fanning
Music: The Alchemist - Chemical Warfare (GET THIS!!), Royce Da 5'9" - The Revival EP (Digital Only) Charli 2na - Fish Outta Water, Maxwell - BLACKsummers'Night, LMFAO - Party Rock

Lastly, welcome my homeboy Big Steve to the Twuniverse. Follow him @trill_cosby.

Hot Shit: RIP Mike Jack, Palin hopefully leaving the Earth to live elsewhere, The Alchemist's Chemical Warfare album, my 360 is repaired, getting back on the treadmill
Not Shit: My short ass post, the BET awards (because it was that disappointing), Palin probably not leaving this Earth to live elsewhere

-- The Catalyst aka Nolan Ryan Reynolds

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