Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Your favorite pre-PrObama president and mine, Bill Clinton, convinced North Korea to free those 2 US journalist. Ole Slick Willie put the moves on Kim Jong Il and poof, special pardons for all. I think Jong Il even wanted to pardon Chi Ali until Bill reminded him he was US prisoner.

No this is not important news but it should be near the top. There is now a Snuggie for dogs. Human civilization FAIL.

Do you know what else is NOT (allthats)fresh? Short shorts for men. REALLY?! (c) Seth & Amy.

If you happen to have Showtime and you have not been watching Penn & Teller: BULLSHIT! this season then you seriously need to reconsider your TV watching expertise. Last week's episode was an awesome one about organic food. In this summer when there seems to be absolutely nothing to watch (no Mr. LebronJamesBond, I will not watch Obsessed with green eggs & ham), there's always the premiums.

Keri Hilson on the cover of Complex? That was simple.

The cover artwork & (rumored) tracklisting for Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 3' was released online yesterday. From the looks of it, it might be headed for Snoozeville, population: me. Although Kanye doing most of the production may be a good look, no Just Blaze beats is certainly not. Along with his yawn worthy performance on "Run This Town" where Kanye showed him up and "Death Of The Autotune" seemingly losing some steam, it'll be interesting to see how this turns out.

Speaking of slept on albums, literally, shout out to Fab for dropping this new Ambien in the form of a CD 'Loso's Way'. Mr. John Jackson seriously sounds like he doesn't want to rap anymore. Remember when Joe Budden was his sidekick and you were waiting for new Clue tapes to hear Fab rip the latest instrumental? Yea, those days are LONG gone. Word to Lil Mo.

DeAndre Way? Nah, won't even waste my time or links.

I'll toss the nerd news alley oop to the Goldyn Child

Release Dates:
Games: G.I. Joe: Rise Of Cobra (All); SingStar Queen (PS3); Daisy Fuentes Pilates (Wii)
Music: Poison Pen - The Money Shot
DVDs: The Soloist w/ Jamie Foxx & Robert Downey Jr; Obsessed w/ Beyonce, Idris Elba & Ali Larter; Race To Witch Mountain w/ The Rock

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Hot Shit: Penn & Teller Bullshit, Finding lower insurance and the upcoming ATF interview with Ab
Not Shit: Snuggies for dogs, Short shorts for men and ignorant minds for the GOP

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