Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Good Tuesday morning to all. As usual, let's dive right in the deep end.

Here's Michelle Obama's speech to the world last night.

So where's my outrage? As usual it lies with the opinion of "critics" and their manufactured criticism.

Now with ANYTHING there are going to be critics so of course as my wife and I watched Mrs. O's speech we KNEW that there was going to be something the critics would be able to nitpick at even after all her logic & her theory, word to Lauryn Hill.

So now the main criticism is that the first night of the DemCon was a wasted opportunity; that the left should have come out of their corner breathing fire and spraying bullets 1930's gangster style at John McCain's general direction without regard for innocent GOP bystanders and dance upon the remains. Bella & I saw this mentioned constantly last night on all 3 major news networks, this morning and now I'm reading it in various comments on various political sites.

Here's the problem, these so called critics will NEVER be satisfied. For one, Nancy Pelosi did (along with starting a small chant) send some small darts with her "John McCain is wrong" warm up but the night was NOT for that and secondly, does Linkin Park start their concerts with "Points of Authority"? Is ComicCon's first major night where Marvel & DC revel all of their big secrets? Does the NBA's all-star weekend start with the dunk contest? No, no and if the NBA was smart they would but no.

The first night of DemCon was set to ease folks into being riled up. A LOT of energy is going to be spent over the next 3 days attacking McCain & the GOP along with officially declaring Barack Obama the Dem nominee. The first night was also set for "re-introducing Barack & Michelle Obama", something you critics said NEEDED to be done!

If Michelle's speech did not cover what she covered and instead attacked McCain, you critics would have said "That was ok, but we still don't really know her. We don't know if the voters are comfortable enough to have her in the White House," not to mention I'm sure a few fruits out there would have further pushed the "angry Black woman" rhetoric.

Look, I understand talking heads are talking because they get paid to, that's fine with me (I wish I could get paid for it, trust me), but if these same critics & political pundits wouldn't have stoked the false flames of an anti-American Michelle Obama, maybe just maybe, she wouldn't have had to do what she did last night.

But then again, maybe her speech has finally changed the narrative about her and the Dems can finally move forward without the unquestioning MSM holding them back.

For now, let's sit back and watch what the left has in store for tonight. I'll tell you this though, my 1 faithful reader, the attacks will come tonight and the critics will be pushing some ridiculous manufactured criticism tomorrow.

I'll leave you with a few pieces from a world renown musical genius Mr. Stevie Wonder. Why? To educate the young folks as to where Mrs. Obama drew her entrance and exit music. Enjoy...

Stevie Wonder - I Was Made To Love Her (opening music)

Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely (closing music)

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