Friday, September 26, 2008

The Draw For It All - Snap Presidential Debate Analysis

I was becoming a little sea sick and dizzy from all the spinning going on on TV right now so I had to get a breather over here in my little world.

What I'm finding is that, as usual, it seems that who "won" the first presidential debate lies on party lines. For the GOPers, Obama was stumbling, didn't show the qualities to lead and doesn't have the experience to step into the presidential roles. For the Dems, McCain was closed, condescending and was living in the past.

Blah blah blah...

Let's get to the real talk here, and I hope that all of the thinkers out there are actually thinking. Everybody should be calling tonight's debate a complete and utter draw. Both candidates missed a lot of opportunities to gut check their opponent and neither could answer Jim Lehrer's question on where they stand on the current government bailout.

Obama seemed to have superior command of the facts & figures but McCain actually seemed to use his years on this Earth and his experience to his advantage. Maybe it was to a fault because it highlights his age and does make him seem like he was living in the past but I think it was effective for McCain to basically say "I've been there and I have a leg up on how this thing should go." Obama using his savvy is, in my opinion, a definite positive because I do get a feeling that if he gets in there, he'll definitely be ready on day 1.

Overall, if I HAD to pick a winner, I'd have to pick Obama, but only by default. Neither really got off the ground too good in my opinion, which is a negative for McCain because this was suppose to be his debate. Obama held his own in what was suppose to be a bad night and by denying McCain a complete and clear victory, he gained the W.

Next up, Biden Vs Palin and I guarantee that that's not going to be pretty. I'm putting my chips on Biden. If Palin's interviews have been any indication, it's going to be ridiculously one sided.

I'm gone for the weekend.

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